My Story

Like many engravers, I started out as a Jeweler and still today do some custom jewelry.

1977 through High School, I worked at Brown Jewelry Store in Robinson, IL. Was a full-time bench jeweler until 1988, when I was hired and served the next 30 years on the Evansville Fire Department. During this time jewelry became a full-time hobby.

I always had an interest in Engraving. Therefore, in 1989, I purchased engraving equipment to explore my interest further. I mainly engraved jewelry, until a friend encouraged me to engrave his Pistol. On my days off, from the Fire Department, I spent drawing and researching scrollwork and cutting steel. I retired from the Fire Department in 2018, which then allowed me to engrave firearms full-time for Clients, Retailers and Project Firearms to sell.  In 2022 I attained the level of Master Engraver from the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA).

Please contact me for all your Hand-Engraving needs. Each piece will be original ideas and one-of-a-kind artwork.

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Custom Works

Send a quick message aboout your engraving project.